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Sunday, January 29, 2012 @ 9:50 PM




I am moving out of here.
This place is getting over-crowded.

I will keep this space though.

Biggest Ang Bao this year,
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 @ 10:24 PM

Unable to celebrate CNY this year due to the demise of beloved grandfather couple of years back. I still miss him to this day, remembering the last words he said to me. :’)

Still, although I can’t do actual visiting, that doesn’t stopped me from getting red packets. Hehe. Plus I am working part-time, and my boss gave me a rather big ang pow, considering the fact that I worked for NET less than a month. Yeah, in case some of you still do not know, I am working part-time because of some personal reasons. It is time I stop depending on my parents altogether. It is tough, doing so much all at the same time but there isn’t much of an option for me anymore, so I just have to make do with it. Got to stop living like a princess one day.

Agreed to go for NET’s Annual CNY dinner since I had pretty much nothing on. It was held at Topone Karaoke at Bugis and never am I going back there again. It is like those TW karaoke lounge, people could smoke anywhere and there were like “brothers” there and lounge girls too. Eww. Nevertheless, no regrets going cause I got to bond with my colleagues!

From left: Yu Dan, Wei Sheng(Edwin), Carrie and yours truly

The 3 female employees of NET

Same age,

so we kinda clicked almost immediately, already started gossiping already. The world is super small alright, we actually have things in common! Oh yes, there were drinking during the dinner, the company bought quite a number of jugs in, but I didn’t drink too much, after all, I walked home from MRT.

Guy on right: Yi Xuan, also same age!

Anyway, the highlight for me during that dinner is not the singing or competition, but instead…


Yup, you didn’t see that wrong. Haha! There was, apparently this lucky draw and all who turn up that day were given a chance. Tampines One has never won this lucky draw before because we have too little employees so I didn’t expect to win first prize. I still remember the emcee say, “miracle has happened, it is TO… “ then she didn’t know how to pronounce my name. Haha, but once I heard Liew, I knew it was me! HAHA!

The big boss of NET

When I went back to sit, Wei Sheng still could tell me say that the first prize last year was a camera and he was guessing it could be an iPhone, can you imagine my excitement? Although I don’t fancy the iPhone very much, but what’s there to lose to get a free phone? Besides, I didn’t believe that NET was willing to give such an expensive product to the employee.

I also remembered saying that TO’s luck is going to change because I won first despite the probability. Haha, and to think I am the youngest employee. HAHAHAH!


Nah, it wasn’t an iPhone, it was an iPod, but that wasn’t a killjoy because I wanted to buy myself another iPod after giving my mum mine, so it seems like God is helping me save some bucks. Hehe.

So that was it for my CNY, besides that I also gotten my merit award from the Liew Clan Association for academic excellence, 120$. But that was all for CNY2012.

& now is FYP all the way!

Sunday, January 15, 2012 @ 10:18 PM

Woah. Haven’t update this space for almost 2 weeks. That is something! I have been SO very busy with my life right now that I am hardly breathing. FYP, work, family, friends and I even had to skip church, & to think one of my resolutions was to visit church regularly.  -.-

FYP is OMG. I am hating it. I wish I was just an academic student and do my exams. Sigh, but that isn’t an option.

Plus I have been real crazy about making money, with so many things going on at hand, money has become a very important thing in my life. I mean, last time I don’t really care about money, but now, it seems like I am very much on my own so money is something I really need which is why I am working so hard now and even selling unwanted clothes at a flea.


Shermeen and I working on a flea together for the first time. As a pair of best friends, I really enjoyed it, although half the time we were like bickering about who will have more sales and whose clothes were better, (mine obviously). HAHAHA. Yeah, but I did manage to sell half of what I bought there, and bringing back a few pieces as well. Hehe.

Thank God for Leonard who offered his help! If not I think the both of us would drown in all those to carry. They were really heavy alright. Tsk.

Money earned is going to HK fund. We decided to use the money on food. Actually what we earned is enough to keep up filled for one week in HK, I did the math, and it really is. But I am guessing we are going to eat more than breakfast, lunch & dinner.

And right now, I just can't wait for 27 Feb to come cause that is when I am getting out of poly for good.

Don’t count the years, but count the ways
Monday, January 2, 2012 @ 1:32 AM


Previous post, I mentioned how I eve-d away my Christmas, making new friends, going to church, partying and drinking. It was a very happy Christmas, spending it with people I love and with God.

Apparently, the happy part didn’t stop there for me. Sure, I had work, but I also had my share of fun right until the very point of the end of 2011 and for the first 2 hours of 2012.

Had my post Christmas celebration with 2 very special girls, Shermeen & Ting Ting last Thursday, & this year we headed to Big Bad Wolf. (We had the last year’s at Hard Rock Café) I long heard of it but always find it very very inconvenient, honestly, that  place needs an access for a bigger crowd.


Ting & I went for the Citrus Grilled Fish while Shermeen decided on The Werks Burger. I liked the burger better, although the fish was cooked to optimum softness, I find the citrus too strong for my liking.

Chocolate tart

They had bailey’s inside, but I thought it wasn’t worth the price at all. $6 for a whopping chocolate tart. Nope. This would probably be my first and last time eating this.

Ting Ting! <3

I feel like a lesbian beside her! NOOO!

Ting brought polaroids too! We should bring it to HK during our graduation trip aye!? I can get the films! Bring okay!

My current favorite polaroid of us!

Met the church people on Friday for Sherlock Holmes and I slept at one point. It was too long and had too many fighting scenes, partially also cause I haven’t had enough sleep and no thanks to having dinner before that too. It was getting too comfortable in the theatre. I watched it with like 24 other people! First time in my life watching a movie with so many people, we took the entire K row. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I am still trying very hard to remember all their names. I’m so bad at remembering names! After the movies, they all had Tauy Heuy take-outs and headed to Laselle to hang out.

I told them I didn’t like tauy heuy and milk/bubble tea and they all said I am missing out on life.  -.-

Then on New Year’s Eve, unlike the past years, I spent this NYE outside of home! Went for Church Service and the sermon was a continuation of the Christmas sermon. Shared some of the teachings with Vanessa too! Hope she can join me there the next time!

I was tearing when Jie Hui prayed for me, because I really felt her sincerity and the fact that she cared for someone she just knew, it was, really touching. I really wish her prayers for me can be answered and I believe 2012 will be a better year for me.

We had about an hour of waiting time after the sermon and it was the countdown party @ HOGC too! I was super glad to be there. It feels different, and I actually truly felt that 2012 will be a better year compared to 2011. We were all fooling around after the clock hit 12, taking photos, dancing, singing, the guys where doing flash-mobs and body stacking, was really funny!


Nothing beats a picture. Yeah, so this is the group of people I had my countdown with. They are really fun and enthusiastic, and even just standing a side and see them have fun is a joy. Haha. These people are real, they don’t judge, you don’t have to put up too much defense against them and it is a good thing, specially for someone like me.


Getting cozy with the girls!

Playing the 10 continuous shots thingy, such a long time since I did that!

Too bad I had work the next day and I couldn’t stay for long, was out by 1plus and heading for my bed. Now some of them are asking me to watch Giselle and Wicked! & I have been wanting to watch it but none of my friends had interest in dance or musical but it seems like I have found some! Too bad I may be working on Giselle day, but I am thinking of changing shift so I can go watch it!

2011 is gone and 2012 is finally here! I didn’t have a great 2011, but ending it this way is a good start! Happiness to flow in 2012, and my wish for this year? Just one. Lesser dramas please, I had too much for the past 3 years, I think I deserve a break aye?

Best of luck to everyone! <3

First day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,
Monday, December 26, 2011 @ 12:34 AM

All I can say is that this Christmas is the best Christmas I’ve had, as far as my living memory goes.

I didn’t celebrate it on the actual day though, but I did manage to countdown from Christmas’ eve to Christmas, and it was FANTASTIC.

Invited my Han Jun, I made my virgin visit to Heart of God Church and the people there were super friendly!!! It was unexpectedly overwhelming and everybody was so joyful and was so willing to come forward to introduce themselves, as if you are already a part of them. At first I thought it would be really awkward, seeing that I didn’t know anybody but HJ, but I was proven wrong. Totally taken off guard. They also asked me along for dinner after service too and they kept chatting with me and everything, even asking me to go back next week, and honestly, I want to!

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel like I need to guard myself against these people. That was the part that shocked me, like really shocked me. & the service moved me to tears.

Come to think of it, the whole thing felt as if it was God’s plan. All these while, ever since I accepted Christ, I have been rather against going to another church, because I really like the cozy feeling GEFC gave, but when HJ asked me to go to HOGC for their Christmas service, I didn’t have the don’t-want-to-go feeling like I would usually do, on the contrary, I didn’t mind going. Service was about happiness and also 3 testimonies from different people about how joining HOGC had changed their life. When Pastor How talked about happiness, I started crying. With all the recent happenings for the past month, I knew I wasn’t genuinely happy all the time, and most of the time, really deep down, I am just an upset person who needed somebody to speak out how I’ve felt and Pastor How, a pastor I have never seen before, did it, and not only that, the feeling of crying it out was, good. I felt so much better, so much lighter and I was smiling, really smiling. In fact, throughout the entire sermon, I was truly happy and light-weighted. I don’t know. Maybe it is because I really felt His presence, and I could tell, all the people around me, they really love God with all their heart, and because of that, I really have the intention of going for their end year service, and even have the thought of settling into that church. At the end of the service, I love God even more than I had before, because all these while, my faith had dropped, really badly, with everything gone wrong, it was hard for me to pick up my faith again, but after yesterday, that fire and confidence came back and I felt so much easier.

Thanks Han Jun, for inviting me. I actually do believe, this would be another change in my life, and a big one too.

After Church & dinner, I met the secondary school girls for partying at Rebel/Zirca/Groove. We did the countdown at Rebel and it was mad crowded. If it wasn’t for Weiling’s friends, we probably would not even make it in. We partied for 4 hours straight and the feeling of dancing with the remixes was really awesome. Music was great, the people were great. We partied with Weiling’s friends, and the 2 guys were making sure that nobody tried anything funny, so we were pretty safe, so to speak, especially when the guys were really protective. By the time I was home and showered, it was almost 6, and I slept through to 3pm today. Love it.

& yes, I do find it weird to club after service, but all’s good. Hehe.

Probably be joining the new friends for movies on Friday and I hope it would be as good as the dinner. I really like these people and right now, it is difficult for me to want to hang out with new faces, but these people, I think they can be potential good friends. :)

Isn’t this the way one should spend Christmas, making new friends, partying the night and spending a great time with God.

I love you. <3

Racks of Clothes,
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 @ 11:53 PM

First day of work was good.
Not as tiring as I expected.

It is a new beginning.

To S & T,
Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 11:00 PM


This is a photo worth keeping.

I regret us being a clique this late, but feel so blessed that we did anyway.
Truth to be told, I can’t wait to live with you girls during April, it would bring our friendship to a whole new level for sure.
Imagine all the crazy things we would do, all the eating and shopping.
I don’t even mind staying at the airport overnight. Haha.

A part of me strongly believe that we would be this close till we grow old and we would still be bat-crap crazy.

I don’t know why I am so sentimental tonight. Maybe it is cause I kind of miss those days when we were all in the same class, those sec 2 days, with Michelle, Kai Wei, Evon and so many others. That was one of the happiest years of my life, because it was that year where I know lifetime friends.

Though I don’t say it out loud, but you know I love you.